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PTFE/ Polytetrafluorerhylene


This is an amazing material, which is suitable for many applications under extreme temperature condition compare to other plastics. It is soft. The notch impact is its mechanical strengths are low. The elongation at the break is high. The friction coefficient of the material is low . Such specs give to the material, sliding property and flexibility. It is most preferable material for the sealing application. The wear resistance is completely depends on the metal surface quality. The electrical properties of the material are quiet good. The material never reacting with chemical because of the molecular structure. The dimensional stability is not good. The final tolerances must be carefully considered when tooled. The material has some alloys (with carbon, glass fibre, bronze and etc) to improve the values of sliding, hardness, wear resistance.


1.      PTFE White

2.      PTFE carbon

3.      PTFE Bronze


Working Temperature

Between +260 degree Celsius and -200 degree Celsius.



·         Low moister and water absorption

·         Good sliding property

·         Good electrical property

·         High chemical resistance

·         Non-sticking

·         Suitable fir food contact



·         Pump and valves

·         Food industry

·         Bearing and bushings

·         Sealing application

·         Electrical industry

·         Medical materials

·         Petro-chemical facilities


04 December 2016