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PEEK/ Polyetheretherketone


This material contains highest combination of extreme specification, which are covering the industrial requirements. PEEK is a semi crystalline thermoplastic with extraordinary mechanical and thermal (permanent 250 degree Celsius, temporary 310 degree Celsius) properties.


Material has alloys for the specific application as carbon, glass fibre, etc.


PEEK also exhibits good chemical resistance in many environment s including alkalis, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, greases, oils and halogenated hydrocarbons. However its performance in acids is very dependent.


Working Temperature

Between +250 degree Celsius and -40 degree Celsius.



·         High mechanical strength

·         High temperature resistance

·         Good chemical resistance

·         Hydrolise strength

·         Dimensional stability

·         Low flammability and low smoking

·         Good electrical properties

·         Radiational resistance




·         Bearing

·         Piston parts

·         Compressor parts

·         Valve parts

·         Cable industry

·         Bio-medical industry

·         Thermoforming and vacuum machines equipment’s.


Standard colour

Natural (Brownish grey), Black


04 December 2016