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POM/ Polyoxymethylene


The material contains high mechanical resistance and low friction coefficient (highly sliding property). POM has much better temperature resistance than polyamides. Rigid and hard material gives chance to use for small gears. The dimensional stability of material better than polyamides. The good tooling shall give perfect surface. UV resistance is poor.


Chemically resistant against solvents and oils however not resistant against acids and bases. There are two types of POM as copolymer and homo polymer. The both types have similar specification but copolymer has slightly more temperature and chemical resistance and homo polymer has slightly high mechanical resistance.


Working Temperature

Between +100 degree Celsius and -50 degree Celsius.



·         Easy tooling and grinding

·         Very high dimensional stability

·         High strength and rigidity

·         Sliding and hard surface



·         Gears and machine parts

·         Bearing application

·         Rollers and castors

·         Textile Industry

·         Food Industry


Standard Colours

Natural (White), Black


01 December 2016