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PVC/ Polyvinylchloride



Very good chemical resistance (specially on strong acids) of PVC improved the usage and took it to the list of preferable materials in the industry.


PVC is easy weldable and bonding material because of the structural specification. The temperature resistance of material is relatively low (60 degree Celsius) according its family. The high density and low temperature are weekest point of PVC.


PVC is a flame retardant material (not igniting when flames remove from PVC). It has good electrical arc resistance.


A special type of family call CPVC is a strong alterative under high temperature conditions (90 degree Celsius) as well as chemical resistance (example chromic acid applications).


Working Temperature

Between + 60 degree to – 15 degree Celsius



·         High Chemical resistance

·         Easy Welding and adhesive bonding

·         Flame Retardant



·        Chemical tanks

·         Electrical Equipment

·         Water Treatment pool

·         Pump and valve bodies Pipes


Standard Colors

RAL7011 Grey


01 December 2016